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Privacy Policies

Collect Your Information 

We collect your personal data regarding contact details, transaction details, location details, and relationship details to facilitate our services without any disturbance. Your requirement will always assist you in providing better services.

Use of Cookies

Coupon carts uses cookies for this website. A cookie is the small data file that significant sites write to hard drive for maintaining record data purpose. It permits coupon carts to improve your user experience and the activity measured on the website. For instance, by keeping save your passwords and viewing preferences.

Children and Privacy

Coupon carts encourage guardians to spend time with your children online to get familiar with the website. Users should submit no information and details under the age of 14 years without the permission of the guardian or parents.


Coupon carts website provides only to the non-personalized data for the third party. Our priority to always secure the customer personal information and never disclose any data to another one. So you can share your information hassle-free with our website and enjoy a lot of benefits and customer services all the time.

Privacy Statement

Coupon carts are responsible for protecting your privacy online. Please read the privacy policy carefully to ensure that how your data will be treated. The policy can change from time to time according to the situation, so please go through periodically. This privacy statement covers only for the Coupon carts website, and the company will notify through email or message.