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Sunglasses for Men 2018

2019-08-31| Category : Lorem Lipsum, Offer

Sunglasses for Men 2018

Sunglasses are primarily intended to protect the eyes from UV radiation, but they are also accessories for the Lords of the World. Depending on the frame and color, they will make the wearer of the glasses look like a clever secret agent, a hip musician or another imposing celebrity. However, not every pair of sunglasses is suitable for every type of man. Which sunglasses are fully in fashion in 2018 and which frame fits which face shape is what it’s all about now.

1. The Aviator Sunglasses
It seems almost timeless. Originally developed for the pilots of the US Air Force, almost everyone has developed today. Characteristic for her is the drop-shaped golden metal frame. The glasses are available in different colors today: From slightly reddish tones to brown to black and green, the pilot model can be purchased in various forms. The actual, for pilots developed glasses, were colored green. Today sunglasses are one of the style icons of UV protection.

2. Colorful glasses for a good mood
It seems to be modeled on the bicycle glasses, that in the meantime also sunglasses with metal frame have colorful glasses. The glass colors red and orange are especially fashionable in 2018, but lighter tones may well be. The reason: For many, the sunglasses have become an accessory that you wear the same day as a casual with dark glasses that would not work.

3. Filigree Sunglasses It’s
not always possible to deduce the sturdiness from the outside, and so does the minimalist eyewear with its metal frame. Despite their delicate appearance, they are very stable, look elegant and at the same time beautify every striking male face.

4. Narrow eyeglass lenses
The time of the nerd glasses seems to be over slowly but surely, at least the sunglasses trends 2018 are pioneers in terms of narrow glasses in the matrix look. Although the neo-glasses are not for everyone, but who they are, they should wear them as low as possible to leave a cool and masculine impression.
Finding the right sunglasses for this year – Which sunglasses fit which face and type?
Ever seen a chubby man with round glasses and had the impression that something about this sight is not quite right? Right, then it was quite likely the unfavorably chosen glasses frame, because that should always be a contrast to their own face shape.
Sunglasses for angular face
shapes Square faces are usually characterized by broad cheeks, forehead, a broad chin and a wide jaw. In men, this face shape looks very distinctive and is extremely appealing to women. To emphasize this face with square sunglasses, however, would be a procedure according to the motto “Much helps a lot” and that is not true for sunglasses. Rather, men with this face shape should resort to rounder frames. Pilot glasses, for example, are perfect for softening and softening the hard-facial contours.

Sunglasses for round face shapes
For round faces, all parts of the face are relatively evenly wide, the expression is correspondingly soft. For these types of faces square sunglasses are very good, because they visually stretch the face. Very round face types are best for narrow square glasses.

Sunglasses for oval face

shapes Strong cheeks, often with dimples and tapering forehead and narrow chin, are typical features of an oval face. These face types have it very easy in terms of sunglasses choice 2018, because they are just any sunglass shape. Only very small versions are not suitable for this type of face, as they have the potential to visually lengthen the face.

Sunglasses for heart-
shaped faces Wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a pointed chin are features of a heart-shaped face, the delicate, angular glasses shapes as well as oval and round sunglasses lenses. Heart shape types, however, do not have to forego eye-catching colors like red and orange, as these do not necessarily flatter their face shape.

Guaranteed to find the right sunglasses
The sunglasses for 2018 must of course also sit properly and not everyone’s nasal bone is the same. Anyone who is therefore unsure whether the chosen sunglasses really fits your own type, can seek the advice of a friend or that of an expert. In general, who needs a pair of sunglasses with good pecialist staff at the optician good advice. Those who order their sunglasses online, however, have the advantage of a large selection and can quietly try at home and simply send back the non-matching models. Apart from that, you can often find the better sunglass deals online.