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Home Gym for Women

2019-07-31| Category : Offer
An own gym is the dream of many. Women, too, are increasingly being able to exercise at home on their own devices. When buying a home gym, especially things like space and quality play an important role. Also when setting up the items there are valuable tips to consider. The range of fitness equipment is now huge. Not without reason, some lose track quickly. With the following tips and tricks, the Home Gym for Women can be set up in just a short time.

Which devices are needed?Dumbbells have proven extremely effective. With them you can do many exercises. In addition, they can train every part of the body and take up little space. To steadily increase his weight, it requires weight plates. Over time, you can see the first training progress and a new stimulus must be forthcoming. Also very popular are pull-up bars. They are ideal for exercises that require the upper body. Who wants to come in an excellent shape, should not do without this device. In addition to dumbbells and a chin-up bar, resistance bands are recommended. They are small and available in different sizes. With them the external rotators can be trained and perform stability exercises. Especially popular with women is the dispenser. The dispenser claims every abdominal muscle and should not be missed in an effective workout. A gymnastics mat helps to achieve the desired figure. Although the mat is not necessarily one of the fitness equipment, but they are particularly preferred by women. Among other things, yoga exercises and the like can be practiced.

How to set up a home gym?Before it comes to setting up the gym, a few things have to be done in advance. Housing in large cities is often in short supply. For this reason, the devices for the home gym should occupy as little space as possible. Compact fitness equipment such as a dispenser or dumbbells fit in every apartment and are part of the basic equipment. Before that, the available budget should be considered. Cheap devices break down quickly and have to be replaced twice at the end. That goes into the money and creates a bad mood. Without a stable floor, the workout makes little sense. The areas most suitable for the home gym are the basement or the garage. When planning you should bring a lot of patience, because not everything will run perfectly. When setting up the home gym should also be paid to safety. Place the gym equipment in the room so that it can not become a hazard. Simply clearing away the devices prevents the risk of impact.
Atmosphere Is Everything

Before we even touch equipment, visualize and choose your space. Ideally, you'll have free reign to affect your gym's look, feel, and sound. My training space is a two-car garage. The walls are painted, posters are up, the speakers are loud, and it's basically built to keep me motivated.

Rack Up Your Gains
A power rack is the centerpiece of a home gym. Nearly anything important can be done within one, and they add a considerable measure of safety. The pins will save you if you miss a lift, and the J-hooks allow you to perform nearly any free weight move. Many racks have attachments such as dip and pull-up bars to increase their functionality.
One objection to a rack I frequently hear is that it takes up too much space. If you have room for a 7-foot bar and a bench, then you have room for a rack. If you need a little extra clearance, donate the wife's old wardrobe. It's for a good cause.
Hole Spacing: Spacing can vary from 1-4 inches. To understand why this matters, imagine bench pressing and then failing on your last rep, getting pinned by the weight. 1-2 inch hole spacing allows you to complete a full range of motion in your press without hitting the pins, while still giving you the option to dump the weight in an emergency. 4-inch hole spacing could mean that the pins are either too high (limiting your range of motion) or too low (you can't dump the weight).
Strength: Consider your abilities versus what the rack is made to handle. Are the joints welded or bolted? How strong are the pins? They should be at least 1-inch thick and able to hold more than 1,000 pounds with no problem. Can the rack tip or must it be bolted to the floor?
Accessories: Racks can come with pull-up/chin bars, dip attachments, band pegs, even pulley systems for a complete home gym set up.
Dimensions: If you've been around a few racks (wink, wink), there are a few things to notice regarding dimensions. One is depth. Short racks take up little space, but allow little movement within.
Width is also an issue. Generally, racks will be 46-50 inches on the inside dimension. If they are too wide, you may have a problem hitting the uprights when racking weight. If the rack is too narrow, you may not be able to get your feet wide enough for certain lifts. Know what you want.
Additionally, consider height. If you have limited room to play with, shorter racks are available. Alternately, if you wish to be able to do a standing press over your head, you will need either a very tall or open rack.